2023/2024 Newsletter No. 2

Table of Contents

  1. HKAHSS 60th Anniversary Study Trip (14-16/11)
  2. Annual Conference 2024 (6/6)
  3. SRL Teacher Commendation Scheme (SRLTCS) 2024: Call for Nomination (15/6)
  4. Staff Professional Development Services 2024-25
  5. Professional Development Activities

26 April 2024

2023/2024 Newsletter No. 2


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our latest newsletter! With spring in full swing, we are excited to bring you the freshest updates and insights from HKAHSS.

  1. HKAHSS 60th Anniversary Study Trip (14-16/11)

To commemorate the upcoming 60th Anniversary of HKAHSS and deepen the understanding of national and global development trends, HKAHSS is collaborating with the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation (香港培華教育基金會) and Jinan University (暨南大學) to organize a study trip for Hong Kong secondary school principals.  The tour, scheduled for 14-16 November 2024, will take place in the Greater Bay Area in Mainland China, aiming to broaden the horizons of Hong Kong’s education leaders.  During the tour, participants will examine solutions for urban-rural development, observe technology and green industry integration, recognize the strategic importance of the Greater Bay Area, and appreciate Mainland’s contributions to a shared future.

The Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation (香港培華教育基金會), established in 1989, is a non-profit private organization formed after a visit to Beijing and Xian organized by the Hong Kong business community.  Its primary objective is to assist in the training of competent personnel in Mainland China, guided by the motto “Nurture Ourselves, Nurture Others.”  Currently, the Foundation consists of 42 voluntary Members, with Dr. Lee Shau Kee (李兆基博士) serving as the Chairman, and Dr. Ian Fok Chun Wan (霍震寰博士), Dr. Henry Cheng Kar Shun (鄭家純博士), and Dr. Peter Lee Ka Kit (李家傑博士) as the three current governors.  Pei Hua has provided funding for, organized, or co-organized over 600 projects, primarily focused on short training programs.

The tour will be fully sponsored by the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation and will be free of charge.  Single rooms will be arranged to provide all participants with a space for quiet reflection throughout the tour.   Please click HERE for the itinerary.  Applications are open to our members including full members (serving principals) and associate members (vice / deputy / assistant principals), and you can enrol by clicking this link: Link.

  1. Annual Conference 2024 (6/6)

The Annual Conference of the Association will be held on Thursday, 6 June 2024 between 2:45p.m.-5:00p.m. at Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School, 9 Fu Mei Street, Wang Tau Hom, Kowloon. 

This year’s program is exceptionally rich as we will feature two keynote speakers who are leaders in their respective fields.

The first keynote, titled “Going Green: Municipal Solid Waste Charging and Reflections on Green Living” (綠綠無止:都市固體廢物收費與綠色生活反思), will be delivered by Mr. Wong Kam Sing.  Mr. Wong will address the urgent matter of municipal solid waste charging and share reflections on embracing a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.  With his vast experience as the former Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Wong will offer valuable insights and strategies to foster environmental consciousness within schools.

In the second keynote speech, titled “Basic Law Article 23 Legislation: Useful Tips for Principals’ Attention” (基本法第二十三條立法:給校長的錦囊), Mr. Paul Lam Ting Kwok, the Secretary for Justice, will share useful tips and guidance regarding the Basic Law Article 23 Legislation. This session aims to provide principals with practical knowledge and essential considerations related to this significant legislation.

Please enroll using the following link:

  1. SRL Teacher Commendation Scheme (SRLTCS) 2024: Call for Nomination (15/6)

We are excited to announce the SRL Teacher Commendation Scheme (SRLTCS), which allows us to share good practices with different schools and teachers, and in turn, enhances our learning and teaching effectiveness.  This scheme serves to acknowledge the outstanding performance of teachers in their dedication to fostering and promoting Self-Regulated Learning (SRL).

All secondary school teachers who teach any subject and wish to share their experience in implementing SRL are eligible.  There are two categories of awards, namely “Award for Outstanding Performance” and “Award for Merit Performance”.  The deadline for nominations is Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Nomination Guidelines & Details: Please click this LINK.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lau Yiu-hung on 2336 7327 or via email

  1. Staff Professional Development Services 2024-25

HKAHSS received an enthusiastic response and overwhelmingly positive feedback for our Staff Professional Development Services in 2023-24.  Building on this success, we are excited to announce that we are planning to launch a new round of services for the upcoming year 2024-25.  Our aim is to assist in conducting staff professional development programs, seminars, or workshops on a range of revised themes.  Keep an eye out for further updates and detailed information.

  1. Professional Development Activities

We have been actively involved in engaging in professional dialogues with various individuals.  On 8 April 2024, we had the privilege of hosting a Professional Meeting with the Honourable Doreen Kong Yuk Foon (江玉歡議員).  It was an insightful session where we discussed various topics related to education and its future development in Hong Kong.

On 22 April 2024, many members attended the Happy Hour Forum titled “Exploring the Use of AI in the Classroom,” which was organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and HKAHSS.  The forum provided a platform to delve into the potential applications and benefits of artificial intelligence in educational settings.

Additionally, the Executive Committee had a productive Professional Dinner on 22 April 2024 with the Honourable Mrs. Regina IP LAU Suk-yee, GBM, GBS, JP (葉劉淑儀議員).  We engaged in meaningful discussions on crucial matters concerning Hong Kong education, including future development, student population and quality education, student mental health issues, the impact of Basic Law Article 23 Legislation, and collaboration between the government and professional bodies.

We are grateful for these valuable opportunities to exchange ideas, gather insights, and collaborate with esteemed individuals and institutions.  Such engagements enable us to stay informed, address significant issues, and contribute to the growth and advancement of education in Hong Kong.

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Thank you for your continued support and participation in our endeavors.

Chan Shin Kwan

Honorary Secretary