Message from the Chairman

Regardless whether you are a HKAHSS member or not, we hope you, as a secondary school principal, will get to know us better by exploring the HKAHSS homepage.

The mission of HKAHSS is to enhance professionalism in general and to promote understanding of education in Hong Kong, especially in secondary schools; the objectives of the Association include the following:

a) To study and encourage new ideas and development in education for the public benefit on a non-profit making basis ;
b) To promote the exchange of views on educational theories and practices;
c) To organize conferences and lectures on educational matters;
d) To attempt to create and facilitate informed opinion on educational matters;
e) To discuss and share the Association’s views with the Education Authorities of the Government and other educational bodies; and
f) To liaise and cooperate with similar persons, associations, companies or other bodies in promoting and encouraging research, knowledge and education in Hong Kong.

We challenge ourselves and all members to work together to meet our objectives so as to make greater positive impact on our students and our society in the years ahead.

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the continued trust and support from our members and partners who have been helping HKAHSS to enhance professionalism amongst school leaders throughout the years.


TANG Chun Keung Teddy