Our Vision

The Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools was first established in 1964 by a small group of dedicated school principals and operated as a registered society until 2018 when it was incorporated as a “Limited Company by Guarantee”. And now, we have the Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation. We have also been granted tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance as a charitable institution.

The Association exists to enhance professionalism in general and to promote understanding of education in Hong Kong, especially in secondary schools; and in particular:

a) to study new ideas and development in education;
b) to promote the exchange of views on educational theories and practices;
c) to organize conferences and lectures on educational matters;
d) to attempt to create informed opinion on educational matters;
e) to discuss with the Education Authorities of the Government and other educational bodies the Association’s views;
f) to liaise with similar associations.