2022/2023 Newsletter No. 2

28 Apr 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Happy Hour Forum 2023 (11th May)
  2. Annual Conference 2023 (2nd June)
  3. 10th Anniversary of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL): Teacher Commendation Scheme
  4. Student Population
  5. Staff Professional Development Services 2023-24

Dear Colleagues,

It has been some time since I last wrote to you, I am sending you our second Newsletter and hope you can take a break, sip a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading the news of HKAHSS.

1. Happy Hour Forum 2023 (11th May)
To brainstorm and discuss how to build up a professional learning community through training, knowledge management and effective means to share teachers’ good practices, we are organizing a Happy Hour Forum for all secondary school principals and teachers titled “How to Build a Professional Team of Teachers?” on 11th May 2023 (Thursday) from 3:45pm to 6:00pm at Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School (9 Hing Wah Street West, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon). This is a good opportunity for us to share and have professional exchange. Do reserve your time to join the event.

Please click HERE for more details. You may also simply click on the link ( to enroll by 4th May 2023.

2. Annual Conference 2023 (2nd June)
This year, our Annual Conference will be held on 2nd June 2023 (Friday) from 8:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School (9 Fu Mei Street, Wang Tau Hom, Kowloon).

The theme is set on “The Future of Education: How Open Data, Cloud and AI are Transforming Learning” (教育新藍圖:開放數據、雲端與人工智能如何轉化學習). We are very honoured to have invited Professor Erwin Huang (黃岳永教授), who is a renowned entrepreneur and leader in the e-learning field, to be our keynote speaker.

The Conference of this year promises to be an engaging and informative event. Professor Huang would join us in the Forum under the theme of “New Era of Open Source Technology: Strategies for Principal Leadership” (開源科技新時代:校長領導策略). Members are welcome to enroll and submit their questions to Professor Huang.

Please click HERE for more details and the programme. You may also simply click on the link ( to enroll.

You are cordially invited to join this event, which is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other principals, exchange ideas and learn about the latest innovations and initiatives in using technology in education.

3. 10th Anniversary of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL): Teacher Commendation Scheme
The SRL Joint-School Teacher Development Day on 10th February 2023 was a resounding success after three long years of dealing with the impact of the epidemic. Attendees were thrilled to meet face-to-face again and were inspired by the keynote speech titled “(Re-)Creating Spaces for Learning: From Leadership to Differentiated Instruction”. The parallel sessions featured speakers from 11 schools who generously shared their insights resulting in valuable takeaways for all participants. Most notably, 23 SRL Charter Schools expressed their passion for promoting SRL, highlighting the importance of this approach in today’s education.

In the spirit of collaboration among SRL Charter Schools, we are excited to announce the launch of a Teacher Commendation Scheme. By nominating SRL learning plans or units, we can share best practices with different schools and teachers, and in turn, enhance our teaching and learning effectiveness. The full details of the Teacher Commendation Scheme will be unveiled soon, as we continue to foster a community of learning and growth among SRL Charter Schools.

The task force is now planning another SRL Joint-School Teacher Development Day for the upcoming academic year (2023-24), tentatively on 2nd February 2024 (Friday). Schools are welcome to participate in the event as a whole. If interested, please save the date when arranging the new academic calendar and check the latest updates for enrollment in due course.

4. Student Population
The issue of student population and school places has become a hot topic again recently. Our In-house Professional Sharing titled “More Than Soft-Landing – Our Professional Thoughts on Quality of Education” was held on 12th January 2023. 50 members had joined to share their views on the short-term, interim and long-term measures to deal with the decline in student population. The following are some of the major concerns:
• The provision of diversified education and the nurturing of different talents
• The professional autonomy on curriculum and teaching
• The vision of future education
• The role of HKAHSS and cooperation among the education communities

By putting these concerns into action, we can initiate more discussions on education policy across the society.  Let us unite and collaborate towards ensuring quality education for all.

5. Staff Professional Development Services 2023-24
Staff Professional Development plays an important role in bringing about quality education. To give support to you and your schools, our “Staff Professional Development Services” will be launched again in May 2023, in which we will help conduct staff professional development programmes, seminars or workshops on various themes, including:
1. New Trends and Prospects in Education
2. Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
3. Students’ Growth and Nurture
4. Teacher Professional Growth and Development
5. School Self-Evaluation and External Review
6. School Management Theory and Practice

Some schools had used our service in 2022-23 and had very positive feedback. We believe that we can always learn from each other. We hope you will find our service useful for your staff and school development too. Details will be announced via email and facsimile in due course.

This year may be another challenging year, yet we can still support and encourage each other so that we can have the strength to work for the best of Hong Kong education.

Please SAVE our mobile phone number 6215 7599 in your phone book so that you can receive our WhatsApp Broadcasting Messages.

Stay tuned for the HKAHSS news.

Lin Mau Tong Kitty
Honorary Secretary