Annual Conference

2021 Annual Conference

The Annual Conference was successfully held on 1st June 2021 at the Cityview. Members treasured not only this face-to-face meeting, but also the professional dialogues developed from the research findings on ‘How to Promote Hong Kong Secondary School Teachers’ Professional Status and Social Recognition’ and the keynote speech delivered by Professor A. Lin Goodwin on ‘Professional Status and Social Recognition of Secondary School Teachers in Hong Kong’. The research project was conducted by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute (HKPRI) between early 2019 and early 2020. Mr. Jacky Fung, the researcher of this project shared with members the results and recommendations. Mrs. Ruth Lee, the Convenor of the HKAHSS Research and Development Task Force brought us to brainstorm more on how the Association can assist to enhance secondary school teachers’ professional status and social recognition. Please click the file here for a full version of the report. Grateful to Professor Goodwin for leading us to understand more on the international focus on the professional status of teachers. She has also highlighted the traditional characteristics of the professional model to assess the professionalization of teaching. To ensure growth and success of teachers, Prof. Goodwin stressed the crucial role of principals and how it impacts teachers’ professionalism. Her powerpoint on the day has been sent to participants for their further reading.  Before closing the conference, Mrs. Ruth Lee showed us the video clip on Tsukiji Fish Market, which demonstrated again the real meaning of professionalism. Members left happily with our annual souvenir and a box of refreshments.