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教育局該如何處理現時學生回校的困難與危險 – 我們的一些看法 |Difficulties and Dangers for students going back to schools – What we urge the Education Bureau should do

1. 整個學界身心疲累
自 6 月至今,學校日常運作一直受著現時社會事件的影響,前線老師及校長在 困難重重之際,仍能緊守崗位,保障學生身心安全、處理情緒困擾和不同持分 者訴求的同時,更竭力維持學校正常運作,毋讓學生情緒、學習受到太大的影 響。整個學界實在已經身心疲累至極點。
1. The whole education sector is physically and mentally exhausted
Ever since June this year, normal operation of schools has been seriously affected by the recent social incidents. Despite waves of challenges, front-line teachers have been faithful to their duties and trying their utmost to ensure the smooth operation of school, the physical safety and mental well-being of students, helping with their emotional disturbances and learning, while catering for the demands of different stakeholders. Frontline educators are pushed to their limits and are totally exhausted.

2. 不少學校未能正常運作 事件發展至今,一直未有緩和跡象,這兩天各區大規模的衝突及堵路事件,直接影響著師生上學的安全。事實上,不少學校這兩天根本未能正常運作,大部 份學校有超過百名以上的學生缺席或遲到,情況嚴重的多至三百人以上,另有 學校受到衝突事件牽連,在催淚氣體中上課。
2. Operation in many schools is much disrupted
Since the beginning of the social events, the situation has been deteriorating, especially in the last few days. The operation in many schools are seriously affected. In some schools, over a hundred of students were not able to return to school or were late due to the disruption in public transportation system and road conditions. Even worse in some cases, three hundred or more students were affected. In some schools situated under the impact of confrontational events, teachers and students had their lessons amidst the tear gas.

3. 保障師生安全,教育局責無旁貸 現時學生上學是否安全,令人極度憂慮。一般學校未能掌握各區交通情況以及 衝突事件的發展,難以作出校本停課決定,家長亦然。教育局肩負著督導學 校、保障師生安全的責任,實在是責無旁貸。在前所未見的危機前,必須審時度勢,為全港或是分區是否停課,發出最恰當的指引。
3. The Education Bureau must not evade from its responsibilities to ensure the safety of students and teachers
It is worrying to see students particularly the young ones going to schools under situations that may endanger their personal safety. Schools as well as parents find it difficult to decide whether students should go to schools for lessons as they are unable to grasp the whole picture of the overall traffic conditions and the development of the social events. The Education Bureau must not evade but should shoulder the responsibilities to take proactive measures to issue proper guidelines on whether school should be suspended district-wide or territory-wide.

4. 建議停課至星期五 (15/11) 現在市面危險,堵路嚴重,香港中學校長會促請敎育局宣佈全港學校暫時停課 至本周五。同時間,教育局、家長、學校各司其職,盡力照顧學童安全,以及 提供不同方法幫助學生停課不停學。
4. Our proposal to school suspension till this Friday (15/11)
In face of the dangerous and chaotic road conditions, the Association of Heads of Principals of Hong Kong strongly urges the Education Bureau to make the decision that all schools should be suspended until this Friday 15/11. At the same time, we appeal to all stakeholders, including the Education Bureau, schools and parents, to join hands to take good care of students, ensure their safety and well-being and use different means to help them continue their learning during school suspension.