Letter to colleagues



Letter to colleagues 中文原文

With the chilliness in March, we are now encountering crisis that has put us in a difficult period with the recent surge in student suicide. This letter is written with warm wishes to ease colleagues’ anxiety. The main points in the letter have been compiled through input from different schools and projects for the reference of front-line educators. .

To better equip ourselves, not only do teachers need to pay attention to students’ emotional fluctuations, but they also need to let students know they can discuss their problems with adults like teachers and social workers. However, first and foremost, teachers must take care of their own well-being and emotions so that students can be well looked after. Parents, too, have a vital role to play by being observant of their child’s emotional changes. Besides, workshops on how to reduce stress and promote mental health can be organized for students to strengthen their resilience.

It is understandable that in face of difficulties, we are literally all over the place. However, we do hope that with the upcoming Easter holiday, colleagues would get rejuvenated and continue to meet challenges and difficulties with our students together. We are willing to support our dear colleagues in any way we can.




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