The Association’s Adaptive Learning Platform is on the launch.

What is Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP)

Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) is a multi-purposed, student-centered e-learning platform. It is designed to accommodate individual learning needs and learning pace and to develop students’ potentials. It can also serve as an assessment platform for teachers and students that provides diagnostic feedback to support teaching and self-learning.

Features of the ALP

  • A multifunctional Platform that serves as a self-studying platform, a teaching-learning platform, and an assessment platform
  • A question bank with more than 50 modules and more than 10,000 questions with full solutions
  • A reporter generator that generates 12 types of reports
  • An intelligent tutor that guides students in their self-learning
  • A reward system that motivates students to engage in learning
  • Deployment of AI technology to aid learning. AI
  • Assesses the ability level of individual student and assigns questions at a suitable level of difficulty;
  • Charts the learning pattern of each student and helps the student to understand and overcome learning weaknesses
  • Chat Rooms that encourage Social Learning.

Who is it for?

  • For students’ self-learning and self-assessment at their own pace.
  • For teachers’ lesson planning, assessment and test design. Through the Platform, teachers can understand the strengths, the weaknesses and the learning progress of their students.

What curriculum and subject does the platform cover?

  • The platform has a fully mapped knowledge structure that is tailored for the Hong Kong curriculum. Currently the platform focuses on HKDSE Mathematics from senior secondary 4 to 6.

Introductory video

Applications should reach the Association not later than July 21, 2023. Please write to for any enquiries or suggestions.