2018 SRL Festival- Open Class 自主學習節–公開課

The SRL Task Group is going to organize a series of ‘Open Classes’ in the Annual SRL Festival between 1st November 2018 and 31st January 2019 for all our member schools. The three-month Festival is truly a showcase of different learning and teaching strategies that promote SRL. We hope this is also a platform to develop learning communities among teachers, where they can gain insights and support from one another in their teaching path.  Thank you for the very positive response from many schools, which provide a total of 111 lessons for professional exchanges.

May we invite you to pass the attached information to your teachers and encourage them to take part in the different sessions of lesson observation and post-observation meetings? We sincerely hope that the learning communities developed during the Festival would enhance professional development for all participants. Please feel free to sign up the sessions according to the instructions given by each school. Looking forward to meeting you and your teachers on different campuses.