對驗毒助康復計劃諮詢文件的意見Response to the consultation paper on drug tests in school

Drug Test


  1. Drug problems are endangering the health, safety and welfare of mankind. Drug abuse by young people causes great threat to the well-being, dignity and hope of these youngsters and their families. Our society should come to a consensus to support the government’s actions to combat the problem of drug abuse, such as preventive education and publicity, treatment and rehabilitation, legislation and law enforcement, inter-disciplinary collaboration, research and study. We hope that through these measures, we can build a drug-free community among us.
  2. According to the consultative paper and information of the Narcotics Division, the overall number of reported drug addicts has been declining, but the period of addiction among those who were reported for the first time has been increasing. For example, in 2012, half of the first-time reported addicts had abused drugs for at least 4 years, compared to 1.9 years in 2008; and in the first half of 2013, the number rose to 4.6 years. The government must step up measures for early detection and early intervention.
  3. We are of the view that the Rescue Drug Testing Scheme in principle can help law enforcement, early identification of drug abusers and early referral for treatment. Therefore, society should give it due consideration. In the next phase of consultation, the government should put forth concrete proposals on the operational details, the expected effects, impact on human rights, the issue of police power and follow-up actions. After full discussion and consultation with the public, the government may then consider how to implement the Scheme.
  4. From the consultation paper, we understand that dangerous drugs may be easily delivered to the home of the abusers. We have great concern over this. The government should step up its law enforcement efforts to combat drugs at their sources.