Regarding the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation | 致會員 – 就政府推行『禁止蒙面規例。校長應對工作』


Regarding the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation 中文原文

7 October 2019

To members: Regarding the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation (The Regulation), Principals can take the following action:


  1. Liaise with the School Supervisor or your School Sponsoring Body as soon as possible to work on a stance on this issue and prepare to handle potential crisis professionally.
  2. Follow the normal handling procedures when dealing with students’ unruly behaviour such as improper school uniform or absences. Extraordinary cases can be referred to and handled by the School Crisis Management Team which is headed by the School Principal.
  3. Explain the details of the Regulation to students and teachers to set their mind at ease. For instance, based on EDB’s letter to schools on 5 October regarding the issue, the Regulation does not apply to activities within the school.
  4. Offer guidance and support to student whenever the needs arise.
  5. Other issues
    1. Parents’ Letter
      If parents refuse to acknowledge the receipt of the EDB’s letter on the Regulation, school can exercise discretion to handle the issue flexibly.
    2. Media : General points for response:
      • Schools have the responsibility to help students and parents understand the details of the Regulation and guide students to abide by it.
      • Schools will ensure students study in a peaceful and safe place, without any political contentions or conflicts.
      • It is important for students, parents, alumni and teachers to mutually understand and respect one another. It is most desirable for them to join hands to protect their schools from any harm.
      • Schools will follow school-based procedures to deal with students’ behaviour. Students’ sentiment and emotional health will be the top priority and handled with care and flexibility.
      • As students may easily be aroused by the ever-changing social contentions, schools will focus energy and resources on students’ needs and welfare. The kind understanding and support of all is much appreciated.
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就政府推行《禁止蒙面規例》,校長應對工作 English version

2019年10月 7日



  1. 儘快與校監/辦學團體負責人,按教育專業及校園危機處原則,共識學校的基本立場。[宜細讀所有政府文件和評估校內師生情緒]
  2. 對於學生違規事件,如:校服、出勤等,學校宜按日常機制處理。遇有異常情況,宜交由校長領導的危機小組直接處理。
  3. 向師生詳细解說條例內容及校本措施,釋除疑慮。(教育局在10月5日上網的《學校信函正面睇》也承認「校內的教學活動不在新法例規管範圍之內」)
  4. 有需要時,給予學生輔導及支援。
  5. 其他處理
    1. 家長信
    2. 傳媒
  • 學校有責任向學生和家長介绍《禁止蒙面規例》的內容,並教導學生遵守。
  • 學校是平和安全的地方,沒有政治對立的矛盾。
  • 學生、家長、校友和教師會互相體諒、互相尊重,共同守護學校。
  • 學校按常規處理學生的行為,但會因應學生的情緒/身心靈需要,彈性處理。
  • 學生情緒易受局勢影響,學校需要集中力量照顧學生,請各界支持學校。
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