Message from the Chairman

2015-2016 was another year in which the education sector experienced constant and continual changes and challenges. The school year unfortunately began with the sad news of increasing student suicidal cases, then the diverse opinions on Primary 3 TSA which nearly developed into a social movement. And even during the summer vacation 2016, we faced and are still facing the challenge of ‘Hong Kong Independence’. We feel very much sandwiched between the government’s stern attitude and students’ yearning for greater freedom of expressing their own views.

However, it is always our belief that when we handle each incident with great love and care, with the best interest of our students in mind, we could turn crises into blessings, as most of our schools have experienced. Let’s keep our heads up and press forward together, for our next generation.And please be assured that we will always be at your side.


May I here present to you our Annual Report for 2015-2016, Thank you so much.



LEE Suet Ying (Ms.), Chairman of HKAHSS


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