The Association shall be called the Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools.

The Association exists to enhance professionalism in general and to promote understanding of education in Hong Kong, especially in secondary schools; and in particular:
  a) to study new ideas and development in education;
  b) to promote the exchange of views on educational theories and practices;
  c) to organize conferences and lectures on educational matters;
  d) to attempt to create informed opinion on educational matters;
  e) to discuss with the Education Authorities of the Government and other educational bodies the Association’s views;
  f) to liaise with similar associations.

3. Heads of all Secondary Schools may apply for full membership.
4. Membership shall cease when the Member ceases to be Head of a Secondary School unless and until he is accepted as a member in other categories.
5. Deputy Heads (Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals, Principal Graduate Masters/Mistress included) of Secondary Schools may apply to become Associate Members of the Association.
6. Heads of Secondary Schools can apply for life membership when they retire

a. upon reaching retirement age, or
b. before retirement age but have been in the post of Head of a Secondary School for 10 or more years.

7. The Executive Committee may at its discretion invite Life Members to be Honorary Members.
8. Heads of Secondary Schools who leave their posts earlier than retirement age and with less than 10 years’ service in the post of Head of a Secondary School may apply for affiliated membership.
9. All memberships other than full membership shall share the same obligations and rights as Full Members except the right to vote and be voted into office.
10. Membership of the Association shall be personal and each membership may not be transferred.
11. All memberships are subject to conditions approved by the Executive Committee who also have the right to terminate membership as deemed appropriate.

12. An annual subscription as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved in an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be paid by all Full and Associate members.
13. Upon acceptance of an invitation to join the Association, Full and Associate members shall pay the first annual subscription.
14. Thereafter the annual subscription shall become due on the date of the next Annual General Meeting.
15. One-off subscription shall be paid by members who are eligible for membership categories besides full and associate membership as appropriate.

Lapsed Membership
16. Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if the annual subscription remains unpaid for more than two months from the due date.
17. Persons whose membership has lapsed may apply for re-admission to the Association.  Such application shall be accepted on payment of any subscription outstanding.

Executive Committee
18. The Executive Committee, hereinafter called the Committee, shall consist of 9members elected at Annual General Meetings. The term of service for each newly elected Committee Member is 3 years. A Committee Member can serve at the maximum two consecutive terms of services in the same office-bearing post if re-elected by the end of the first term.
19. Nominations shall be made in a form prepared by the Honorary Secretary to be sent out to members at least three weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
20. A maximum of 6 members may be co-opted to serve on the Committee.  Their term of office shall be one year.
21. The Committee shall be responsible for making all arrangements for meetings of the Association.
22. The Committee shall also be responsible for raising matters of general concern with the Education Authorities of the Government and other relevant educational bodies.
23. The Committee may appoint sub-committees/ ad hoc committees for special purposes.  Such committees shall be responsible to the Committee.

Office Bearers
24. The elected members of the Committee shall elect among themselves a Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, two Honorary Secretaries and an Honorary Treasurer, who shall be the Office-bearers of the Association.
Executive Committee Meeting
25. The Executive Committee shall meet at least six times a year.  No meeting of the Committee shall be valid unless the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman is present together with not less than four other elected members.
26. There shall be an Annual General Meeting and at least three other meetings in a year.
27. All meetings of the Association shall be called by the Honorary Secretary in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee.
28. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as early in the academic year as possible, and in no case later than 31st December of each year.
29. The Honorary Secretary shall give two weeks’ notice of the Annual General Meeting and of other general meetings.  Such notice shall state the agenda.
30. Business on which a vote is to be taken must be fully itemized on the agenda sent out with the notice of meeting.
31. A general meeting may be called at short notice, but at such a meeting only items of general educational interest shall be discussed.  There shall not be any discussion of elections, or amendments to constitution in such a meeting.
32. An extraordinary general meeting may be convened by the Committee or by the joint request of not less than one-fifth of the full membership.
33. For the Annual General Meeting or for other general meetings to conduct any business regarding a vote or requiring discussion of elections or constitution a quorum of not less than one-fifth of the full members shall be present.
34. If a quorum is not reached, the scheduled meeting shall automatically be held 7 days later for which a quorum is not required.
35. No quorum shall be necessary for a meeting to be held to discuss matters of general educational interest.
Accounts and Finance
 36. All subscriptions and any other moneys belonging to the Association shall be deposited in an account with a bank.
37. The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all moneys due to the Association, for their deposit in the Association’s account, and for the payment from the account of all expenses of the Association approved by the Committee.
38. The Honorary Treasurer shall present a report on the finances of the Association at the Annual General Meeting each year.
39. The Committee shall not authorize any expenditure which cannot be immediately met from the funds in the Association’s account.
40. Within this limit, the Committee may authorize expenditure on any activity of the Association or for any purpose consistent with the aims of the Association.
41. The financial liability of members is limited to the amount of the annual subscription.
Dissolution of the Association
42. If the membership of the Association falls below the number of 40, it may be proposed at the Annual General Meeting that the Association be dissolved.
43. The Association shall be dissolved if two-thirds of the Full Members present at the Annual General Meeting vote for such a proposal.
44. In the event of a dissolution of the Association any assets of the Association after payment of all debts, shall be donated to a non-profit making organization to be resolved at the extraordinary general meeting held for this proposal.
Amendments to the Constitution
45. This Constitution may be amended after due notice at the Annual General Meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting provided that two-thirds of the full members present vote for the amendment.
Approval of the Registrar of Societies
46. Whenever amendments to the name of Association, objectives, office bearers and address are desired, the Honorary Secretary shall inform the Registrar of Societies of the endorsed amendments.
47. The registered address of the Association shall be c/o the school of which the principal is the serving Honorary Secretary of the Association.
Version approved in the EGM on 16 June 2014
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